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Don’t whistle Guys welcome to A.T.G. wrestling games network for every wwe games online is is a new show we’re going to have dark dragon vs the reason why was this dark dragon three zero eight versus a boy at the game or he’s a star he’s a seven six three overall ranking as well as my ranking one way with some people man he probably think in this guy disease a cheater. No I just play a lot of shit and I was here we go one of the things I want to mention here in this new series that I’m going to be doing this week battle in the in the next year arena right now we’ve got dark dragons.
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Focusing at me you know playing as the Langston:

Now Portis and I people while using the same characters you know six the needs of the saying is cheap tactics. During the series what I want to do and I’m pretty much done this in the past but I’m trying to expand the past to fit every wwe game to online and really you know we commercialize this content and make it’s a video that you guys are looking for to see here in a geographic beings network.
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But the way people play the issues of them Wrestling raw games online all those things I want to touch on with this series. I’m a go ahead and hit things right on the button about the way people play on one of the things allowed me to do of course is play content to get one hundred say you know cause create a character. Things like that I don’t do that you know I really like the fair match kind of concept and I dig the matchmaking because then people pay just, I mean I’m not laboring so they can get a matchmaker even if you want I’m going to give a victory speech and I’m going to get published.
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Right now we join head to head. All day you may have noticed by the privy to K. fifteen is that your first system especially offline is very easy to do offline It is as well but you got to time it a little differently I’m going to give you a tip playing online one of things you want to do is try to time reversal and move it ahead of time. Usually I mean the lag on this fighting game is so bare use that time and as I’m getting off my feet. Opinion on the superstar used to too late too early and saying too bad. To decide right now I’m getting Dan up on. His guide dog drag and look it does look as if it is OK but.
It’s still!! There it’s the. This guy’s he’s playing fair so far I haven’t seen him do anything else. Besides maybe tongue a little too much.

But I was I had worse. You can check out one of my videos talks Ben and read in the press about recent.f

Gold bases of guys you see I mean you think about how many Randy Orton brought letters you face. One time it was Triple H. when he had the run in need thing and thatwas issued it was a problem so right now you’re seeing the problem I was talking about in MASH making the loading screen and there were fixes it just it just doesn’t loadit doesn’t matter what you’re using who you use and if you use in a custom one tire whatever it just doesn’t load it takes ages upon ages and honestly is a straight upridiculous is not.

It’s not acceptable at all and took a real need to do something about it Desire is going to be very hard to do I had planned to start the series a little bit before the last update and then the update came in and then I was like I can’t do this series I can sit here and wait for hours on and four to smash making a start and I decide I’m going to go ahead and start to see. These And hopefully throughout time. I don’t know I’ll get used to it or something or maybe they do an update patching I mean they’ve got the P.C. version coming now they’ve got all these other versions coming out the nation should just do what they should do I mean I really want to make.

A show in this and honestly it has been done on You Tube and those allies in the cast my idea is more popular and they’re going to be seen as the got it done but they’re not. There has it mean there’s been people doing it I got to add it honestly originally from.

Max Max do you know whatever he does fighting games and I was telling myself like you know it would be cool if we could do the same thing with a W.W. game endeavorhe games in general.

And no one’s ever even put their stamp out there so what I want to do is focus on different characters different rosters in the game and how you can use them to your advantage online and even though I realize some disc taxes may be cheap I’m trying to keep is nine cheapest possible well as exposing people for how to play online.

And it doesn’t like this game is going to load it all so me and those guys are stuck he might have quit left out of the building but it is very on except the very understandable. I really think about in the show on Number nine is really crazy to in a premier show this way but what I want to do out there is just really sink in the realism adubby to be games online no real lism about Davy games online and that’s what the series is going to be about is going to be about realism so me straight to the point I’m going to piss some people off because they’re not going to like the fact that I’m exposing them for the way they play they’re not going to like the fact that I’m trying to educate people on a better community but W.W. games online you can get mad I really don’t really care. It’s just the way it is nice to change and I am for change and if I can use my platform my followers to start change then that’s what I’m going to do when I start change in the W.B. games online community.

I’m going away for this game to complete are not complete this is been a first episode of W W games online and this is why they’re going to be to get fifteen years and he’s changed and this is the realism of the situation the season now and see you guys next on peace.

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