How to Play Minecraft PE Android Game. (Pocket Edition APK)

Este artigo irá ajudá-lo a aprender como você pode dar um bom começo ao jogar Minecraft Pocket Edition. Isso lhe dá uma breve introdução sobre a seleção de modos, controles e outros kits básicos para jogar. Você deve saber.

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Steps to Play Minecraft PE

Mainly there are four parts and each part follow further steps. So, let’s try it stepwise!

Part 1: Start Game

1. Buy it online from App store. It costs around $7.

2. Open the App, a start menu will appear. Click “Play” to start the game.

3. For creating a new world simply click on “New” and simply pick what you want to play.

  • If you have saved multiple files then it is good to give a name to make a distinction among them but if not there is no need for a name.
  • Another choice for you is to enter world seed. World seeds are codes that take you to a particular map. Though there is no need for having world seeds.

4. Select a game mode. You can pick it on your on will, in which mode (Creative, Survival) you want to play?

  • Survival mode gives you limited resources and there are chances of death.
  • In creative mode, you have unlimited resources and no chance of death and do whatever you want.
  1. Click “Generate World”.

Mais truques neste vídeo:

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Part 2: Gameplay Mechanics

1. D-pad

Use D-pad to make moves. It contains five buttons right and left arrow, up and down arrow and a circle.

2. Creative mode

In the creative mode, for flying just click twice the circle on the right.To go up and down during your flight time use up and down arrows, respectively. to stop flying move down to the earth or simply click on the center circle twice.

3. Breaking Blocks

Press and hold the block that you are going to break. In survival mode, special tools are required to do it but in creative mode, do it directly.

4. Inventory

Tap “...” that is located at the bottom of the screen, to put a block in inventory.

  1. Exit

Press” X” to exit

6. Block Placement

Tap on a place where you want to place a block. The tapped place will be highlighted automatically.

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Part 3: Playing in Creative Mode

  1. First of all, to play in creative mode you have to know the tricks.
  2. You can fly by just clicking on the center circle twice.
  3. You have unlimited resources and you can build anything you want.
  4. You can break blocks directly by pressing and holding a block.
  5. There is no death in creative mode.
  6. 2.Build and do whatever you want in the world. No need to worry about mobs destroying your creations.

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Part 4: Playing in Survival Mode

1. Wood Collection

You can collect wood easily from any tree form.

2. Inventory

Click “Craft” button on the upper left corner to go to inventory.

3. Planks Creation

Find “wooden Planks” and tap on it to create planks that are most needed to create things.

4. Crafting Table

If you want to create a variety of materials then you must need Crafting Table because the majority of materials are created by using it. So create it and settle it down somewhere.

5. Need for Food

Get food from farming and from sheep and cows and you can also breed animals.

6. Shelter and Tools

You have to create tools with the crafting table and also arrange a shelter for your night to that keeps mobs away from you.

  1. Fight with mobs
  • Use bow and arrows to fight with skeletons. You can also use a sword.
  • Use sword for an attack on zombies and spiders.

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